Negu Gorriak Esan Ozenki, fellow travellers (2001)

The time has come: some things have a beginning and an end and others, on the other hand, undergo a metamorphosis. Negu Gorriak and Esan Ozenki have been a phenomenon which is the sum of both the music group and the record company. Negu Gorriak (we can now tell the world), after winning the court case against General Galindo and giving their last two gigs in Baiona and Donostia, will cease all activity. Several projects have been created: Fermin Muguruza began to collaborate with various groups and is now continuing with a solo career; Iñigo formed the group Joxe Ripiau and when that has run its course he’ll start organising the as yet little-known Sagarroi; Mikel Kazalis continued with Anestesia and his parallel project, 2 Kate; Mikel Abrego has graced Anari, Parafünk Fermin Muguruza and Dub Manifest with his talents and has composed the sound track for the video Kutxa Beltza; finally, Kaki Arkarazo who, besides having been a member of Nación Reixa, has collaborated with, produced and recorded a great number of discs. Esan Ozenki Records has also been at the job a long time ten years of the recording outfit founded by Negu Gorriak and which has given first-time opportunities to a host of groups from Euskal Herria. Ten years in which we and the anxieties of many Basque music groups have become well known in the Basque Country and in the outside world. 10 years, indeed, spreading the message about an important part of the Basque music scene. Ten years of work, independence and self-management. But this, getting the world to know about the music of Basque groups, has not been our only line of work: we have also given voice to music from other places and the mouthpiece we have used to do this has been Gora Herriak. Gora Herriak has been the internationalist arm of Esan Ozenki Records; more than an arm, more like 50% of the one body. But this phenomenon has also run its course and so that it does not just become another mere change, it has to revolutionise; what we have learned over these years will not disappear but we have to open up a new phase in our work. Esan Ozenki Records will remain moored in port but, despite the cessation of activity, it will stay alive forever.

And as for ourselves, the crew, of Esan Ozenki records, we’ll be back to sail on a new course and with a new identity in order, moreover, to continue plugging the Esan Ozenki Records catalogue and present new productions in a new collection in the coming months.